When we started 2.HEIMAT TOURSERVICE 11 years ago, we simply did so because we felt it was our duty.

After many years on the road in various (and sometimes dubious!) vehicles, on and behind stages and in all kinds of hostels, we wanted to make every-day life on the road more comfortable, better organized and last but not least safer for artists, crew people and the whole travelling party. So we started our ambitious project. 11 years later we do not only look back on miles and miles that we’ve put on a lot of vans and trucks, but also on a long road along which we’ve made great experiences, met wonderful people, celebrated victories and epic fails and most of all on a great time.

Our customers will benefit from our experience, knowledge and a professional network that we work on continuously.

Kristof Beliczey; Geschäftführer 2. Heimat Tourservice GmbH

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